Raising Critters focusing on giving the next generations a voice.  It is for developing positive, productive children.  Children that are kind, empathetic, and thoughtful.  If you have any suggestions or have topics that you would like to be covered from a Mental Health perspective,  please feel free to contact me using the "Contact Us," tab.  

Thank you and Enjoy, 

B. Yvette

Being controlling can be compared to helium in a balloon. 

Does the rubber balloon control the helium? or Does the helium control the balloon? 

Arguments can be supported on both sides, but, you live in illusion if you believe that one is more dominant.  And with controlling behavior you are delusional to believe that you are controlling your environment and those in your environment are also duked into believing they are controlling you.   

Step out of this cycle of belief.  

Our goal is to control ourselves, to be responsible for ourselves and to hold those accountable when they cannot control themselves.  Lets agree to raise our critters to be responsible for their own behavior. 

B. Yvette

02/05/19 - Tip 004

Parenting is providing for, caring for, loving nurturing and correcting.  Those are the attributes that we are well aware of, now consider "creating a safe safe to talk." 

Lets create a safe space for critters to be able to tell someone whats happening to them.  Imagine how difficult it can be to tell someone that someone is hurting you when the person that you're telling is also hurting you.  What if in the mind of your child there is difficulty finding the difference between the pain of being sexually assaulted and the pain of being ridiculed, beat or degraded.  Just mentioning to them that they can talk to you about anything isn't enough.  Children have to be able to speak in a space that is comfortable and free of agony, even if it is well intent agony.  And we have to create it.  

We can't allow time to elude us and then find out months or years later that our babies had been assaulted, bullied or mistreated by another adult or child.  Let me be the one to say it, their is nothing more painful than for your child to tell you that they were hurt when they were growing up and they didn't tell you.  

Create a space where your critters can tell you what's going on in their lives, where the only emotion that is present in that space is love. 

B. Yvette

02/03/19 - Tip 003

Children are reactors.  By definition a reactor is something (an apparatus) that when under pressure responds to the pressure (paraphrased).  Using that definition, when anything happens to a child they will respond.  The first sign that something is going crazy in a child's life is their behavior can change.  They can co from overly quiet to the complete opposite.  Or from being an outspoken child to one that is docile.  Being able to identify change in a child is key to finding out what has happened to cause that shift.  Keep in mind, when it comes to critters, everything that is happening is happening because something else happened.  Find the something else. 

B. Yvette

01/24/19 - Tip 002

I was speaking with my grand-daughter (8-years-old).  We were discussing things that were bothering her.  She said to me. Gigi (that's what she calls me), when things happen to me and I don't say anything it's like my head is a bathtub and it keeps filling up with water and won't stop.  But when I talk about, it's like my mouth is the drain and I don't think about what happened to me as much. 

find somewhere where you can drain.  If you can't find anyone or don't want to seek professional help, begin journaling.  Journaling for me is synonymous with a mental dump.  Encourage your children to drain.  Find ways to get them to talk, or get them in front of someone that will give them sound advice. 

The word for today is DRAIN...

B. Yvette

01/23/19 - Tip 001

Being kind versus being nice.  

Being nice takes away choices, lowers self-esteem and gives the power of self to others. 

Being kind gives choice, increases self-esteem, increases self-awareness, improves decision making and allows children to know that they control their bodies. 

Teach kindness, not niceness. 

B. Yvette