Transition from Within

Be the Change that You Desire

Better Decisions Better Health works with individuals, families, and companies.  Our goals are to minimize the effects of personal life on work, family, and life goals; specifically focusing on anger, anxiety, stress, depression, grief, conflict resolution, and substance abuse. The components listed are the undercurrent that derails success for families and organizations. Allow Better Decisions better Health to complete an analysis or assessment to determine personal issues that your family members or employees are facing that have affected cohesiveness.  My strengths are management, customer service, and strategic planning.  I am a business development professional with a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health, a master's degree in Business Administration, and a bachelors degree in Sociology.  When we make better decisions, the outcome is better health. 

I am a licensed professional counselor. I began this mental health journey out of a desire to help my community and after battling personal issues that I could not get a foothold on; Mental Health is the part of life that is given little attention, but bears the most weight.

The components anger, stress, depression, grief, conflict and substance use/abuse make everything worse. Marrying my personality with mental health is the perfect storm for anyone that enters my office or virtual office. 

 If there is a solution between us, we can uncover it as we travel towards inner peace.

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